The Courier Videos

Sidenotes Shannon Gray

May 16, 19  - Crystal Huskey

The Courier News' Crystal Huskey ask the question, "What exactly does a constable do?" Constable Shannon Gray answers.

SideNotes: Katherine Birkbeck

Apr 09, 19  - Crystal Huskey

Spindle Tree owner Katherine Birkbeck talks about Blooms Day, an event coming up in Clinton on April 13 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.

SideNotes: Naomi Asher, United Way

Apr 23, 19  - Crystal Huskey

The Courier News' Crystal Huskey sits down with United Way Executive Director Naomi Asher to discuss what the nonprofit is doing in our community.

Carla Burroughs and ‘Washed with Love’

Feb 15, 19  - Crystal Huskey

Carla Burroughs, owner of Genesis Title in Clinton, stopped by The Courier News to talk about her new project 'Washed with Love' in this week's episode of 'SideNotes.'