Thank you for responding


I would like to say thank you to Harry Shatz and Martha Livingston for their responses to my “Democrats Need a Reality Check” letter. I am appreciative that they proved both of my main points.

Number one, their visceral and apoplectic reactions to “facts, data, statistics, history and results” is an indicator of being addicted to Democratic “talking points” spewed 24/7 by social media and large swaths of the mainstream media. Sadly, this addiction is also an indicator of the antithesis of independent thought, and highlights the widespread Democratic tendency to forgo due diligence in favor of perpetuating false narratives. For example, Mr. Shatz could not get through his second paragraph before trashing “The Orange One,” and Ms. Livingston’s response read as if it was delivered from a CNN teleprompter.

Number two, in typical Democratic fashion, both responses feigned ignorance of the Marxist doctrine that has infected the Democratic party, and mocked the “chaos” that is sweeping across America in dramatic fashion. It is disingenuous to ignore and deflect when confronted with the Democrat party’s visible march toward Marxism.

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