New life for an old cabin

Working to install insulation prior to applying Perma-Chink material between the logs of his small cabin is Ken Haley of Clinton, left, along with his friend Joe Tool of Rocky Hill. - G. Chambers Williams III
Clinton’s Ken Haley has wanted his own log cabin since he began playing with a set of Lincoln Logs toys he got for Christmas as a child.

He’s wanted to build one he could live in, but that hasn’t happened, so he’s finally settled for something considerably smaller.

This month, he’s been setting up a nearly historic small log cabin – just 8-by-10 feet – in the back yard of his home along the Clinch River on Riverside Drive.

Although his restored cabin didn’t come from pioneer times, it does trace its history to the 1982 Knoxville World’s Fair, where it was erected by Peter Gott and R.O. Wilson as an example of the Appalachian way of life.

That’s carved on the front of the cabin, which until Haley bought it had been sitting on a farm in Union County, where it was rebuilt right after the fair closed and it had to be moved, Haley said.

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Aspire’s first memorial is in place

Standing at the Service and Sacrifice Memorial at 8:46 a.m. Sept. 11, 2020, as the first spire of the structure is put into place, are, from left: Andrew Smiddy, Paula Mc- Queen, Amanda Fritts, Joe Hollingsworth Jr., Nicci Hollingsworth, Brenda Starwalt, J.D. King, and Tom Wortham.
Aspire reached two milestones recently.

The multi-purpose legacy park has been making steady progress despite ever-changing weather conditions and a global pandemic.

While the two milestones reached are true “milestones,” they won’t be the last Aspire will attain.

The first was the park’s “Premier Resort Designation,” which allows “Aspire the ability to serve adult beverages anywhere on the premises and enabling at types of events.”

The bottom line is this designation will support surrounding tourism as well as “national and regional marketing, including magazine publication possibilities.”

Make no mistake, that’s a big deal and should draw new visitors to Clinton and Anderson County.

The designation was signed by Governor Lee and awarded by the State General Assembly on June 15.

The second milestone is the Spires.

The Spires is the anchor of the Service and Sacrifice Memorial (SASM) in Aspire.

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Murphy and Lowe fish big

Nate Murphy (left) and Ben Lowe of the Clinton High School fishing team participated in their first tournament of the season last weekend on Nickajack Lake. More than 250 boats participated. The two caught a bass weighing 2.75 pounds.