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The price for a carjacking

Clinton woman claims price dispute might had led to theft

A Clinton woman says a dispute over $200 on the price of a car could be the reason she was allegedly beaten and carjacked Saturday night.

Audrey Phillips, Clinton, reported to Anderson County Sheriff’s Office Saturday night that she was forced off the side of the road Saturday, knocked unconscious, and her car stolen while traveling on Oliver Springs Highway.

Phillips told responding deputy Joshua Bunch she knew who her attackers were: An Oliver Springs couple she purchased the car from.

Phillips told Bunch the attack may have stemmed over the price of the vehicle. Phillips said she bought the car for $2,300 and “both parties had agreed” to let $200 slide because of repairs Phillips had paid for.

Phillips said she was forced off the road, yanked from the car, “punched” hard enough for her to lose consciousness, and when she woke up a woman was “on top of her, slamming her head into the pavement.”

Phillips said she handed over her car keys and the couple left, and she then walked home and called the Sheriff’s Office.

Bunch reported Phillips had injuries consistent with being beaten and noted she said she had a pain in her ribs. Bunch called for EMS and Phillips was taken to Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge.

Bunch found a car matching the description of the car Phillips was driving at an Oliver Springs residence.

He noted he will seek felony and misdemeanor charges against the couple.

Phillips identified the couple from photos Bunch showed her while she was at the hospital.