There’s good news and more good news from City audit

For Clinton City Officials it has become somewhat of a joking matter: The report on the findings from the city’s annual audit. “Now for the exciting part of our meeting …” Clinton Mayor Scott Burton quipped.

John Sutton with Pugh & Company, P.C., presented the 200-plus page report Monday during the city’s monthly meeting, and told City Council it was a “clean” report with no findings.

The report was actually a bit more than just “clean,” however.

Sutton pointed out the city had over-estimated expenditures and under-estimated projected revenue.

That left Clinton with about $740,000 to put into the city’s undesignated fund balance.

Sutton also reported if the city keeps its debt reduction schedule in place the City of Clinton would be debt free in eight years.

“And there’s no reason to think that will change,” Sutton pointed out.

“It wasn’t too long ago we said the ‘exciting’ part of the meeting and meant it,” Burton said.

“But for the wrong reasons”