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Just another way to take taxpayer’s money?


And Citizens of Anderson County:

Sadly, the Anderson County Court Clerk has found another way to separate the citizens of the county from their money for absolutely no benefit to them. WHY?

Why does the ACCC office add about 2.75-percent to your tax bill if you pay with a debit card?

Pay with cash or check and there is no additional charge. I was told they had to deposit debit payments with a credit card company and the company got the extra money. If all other businesses deposit debit payments without extra charge, ACCC could, too.

Is it somehow less work, quicker, or anything to deposit some payments to the bank and others to a private company and have them put it in the bank? I don’t see how.

I certainly wish I had known this before the election and you can bet I will remember it at the next election.

Kenneth D. Roberts