New names emerging on ballot for County Commission

There are both familiar and new names running for County Commission this August.

District 1 has the highest number of contenders with six.

Current District 1 contenders are Felicia M. Foust, Chuck Fritts, Floyd E. Grisham, Avery Johnson, Tim Risden and Tracy L. Wandell.

Fritts and Wandell are the current chair holders.

Current contenders from District 2 are Robert A. Jameson, Jeff Maxwell, Rick Meredith, and David Queener.

Meredith holds a chair next to Mark Alderson who is yet to turn in a petition.

District 3’s current chair holders are Steve Emert and Phil Warfield.

Current contenders for District 3 are Joshua Anderson, John Meyer, Denver Waddell, and Philip Warfield, with Emert yet to turn in a petition.

Both of District 4’s current chair holders, Tim Isbel and J. Shain Vowell, have turned in their petitions for re-election.

Joining Isbel and Vowell in contention for a chair representing District 4 is Tabitha Duncan Harmon.

Robert McKamey and Jerry White, the current District 5 chair holders have both turned in petitions.

Chris Silver joins them in the race for the District 5 seat.

Current contenders in District 6 are Anthony Allen, Catherine Denenberg and Steve Mead.

Denenberg and Mead are the current chair holders.

District 7 currently has four contenders.

Jimmy Bouchard, Jerry Creasey, Denny Phillips, and Theresa Scott.

Creasey and Scott are the current District 7 chair holders.

The only contenders for seats representing District 8 are the current chair holders Bob Smallridge and Phil Yager.

The deadline to qualify for election is July 3, so these are subject to change.

Early voting starts Friday, July 13 and runs through Saturday, July 28.

Election Day is August 2.