New guidelines approved for sickened Y-12 workers


In a dramatic position reversal the Presidentially appointed ABRWH, Advisory Board on Radiation Worker Health, meeting in Redondo Beach, Calif., Dec. 12, 2018, voted unanimously to recommend a new Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) under the EEOICPA for sickened Oak Ridge Y-12 site workers with 250 work days in the period Jan. 1, 1958, through Dec. 31, 1976, and who were diagnosed with any of the 22 specified cancers.

Once it becomes law in early 2019, this adds to the prior SEC for Y-12 workers covering the 1943 to 1957 period.

This dramatic “about face” of the ABRWH Board was due to staff admission to the Board that they cannot do accurate dose reconstruction studies for the 1958-1976 period. For 18 years since the EEOICPA entitlement program began, the staff has told the Board that they could do accurate radiation dose studies.

Since 2000, 3,700 Y-12 worker cancer claims have been denied.

Many of those were for workers in that 19-year time period of 1958 through 1976 and many hundreds of those claims will be eligible for compensation at last.

Many are deceased but direct survivors can file claims. Workers can get $150,000 for Part B, and up to $250,000 additional under Part E for the living workers, thus a total of $400,000 in some cases, plus unlimited medical expenses and home health care for approved illnesses.

The EEOICPA law and regulations is complex. Though no one needs an attorney or law firm, claimants really do need a professional advocate to aid and guide them.

I am that person you need, a non-attorney, with experience of getting 3,500 of these cases approved for my clients over the past 11 years.

Phone or email me for a free quick review of the facts (cancer type and approximate work dates), and I can provide guidance. Nothing happens automatically.

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