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Remember, be thankful for your elders


Let me tell about a special place called “Office on Aging and Senior Center.”

My mamaw, Cherie, started this not too long ago, actually. She welcomed in every senior in Clinton and always showed energy and affection.

I started to come here when I changed schools for the first time. I’ve always gone to Lake City, but we were moving to a house long away from Lake City, so I started going to Clinton when we moved.

After my first year I fell in love with Clinton schools. So, a year went by and I am 11 years old and will be in sixth grade when school starts again, but I have volunteered at the Senior Center for one year and I love it.

But just remember, be thankful for your elders, because they changed how things are today. So I just want to give a big thank you to my mamaw Cherie.

Also they deserve so much more than what they are receiving. They could use a bigger building because all the seniors are squeezed into a little building and Cherie gives free lunch to all the seniors.

Because you never know if they have eaten in the past day or so.

Just remember, be thankful for Cherie, she is giving these seniors joy and love. Thank you, Cherie Phillips.

Rylee Phillips