Intersection does need to be examined


I was interested to read the article in the June, 5 issue of the Courier-News regarding problems associated with the intersection of Doe Run Boulevard and State route 61. In that article a police officer was quoted asserting that U-turns are illegal at such intersections.

While not challenging the accuracy of this assertion, it raises the question of why the State highway division would provide a turning lane to make a U-turn possible. It also raises the question of how residents from east of Interstate 75 who wish to patronize businesses located on the westbound lanes are supposed to return home without making a U-turn.

While I am quite sympathetic with the problems being encountered by the residents of Hunters Trail entering and exiting their subdivision, as a resident of Norris who dines at Golden Girls at least twice a month I do not look forward to driving a long distance west in order to be able to turn east and return home.

I hope that somehow the City of Clinton, the State highway department and the residents of Hunters Trail can reach some sort of a solution that will allow everyone to use this intersection easily and safely.

Thank you for your attention,

Ed McEleney