Local attorney recognized for pro bono immigration work

Nathan Kibler, left, was recently recognized for his work with undocumented immigrants. He and his wife Briane, right, often volunteer their time in the community. Here they are pictured with their daughter Emerson at St. Francis Episcopal Church in Norris.
Nathan Kibler, an attorney with Knoxville’s Baker Donelson law firm, received recognition for his pro bono work on immigration cases.

Kibler lives in Norris with his wife Briane and daughter Emerson.

He represents immigrants with cases pending before the Board of Immigration Appeals. The cases have set precedents, reunited families, and saved lives, according to a press release issued by Kibler’s former Atlanta-based law firm Alston & Baird.

In one case in particular, Kibler worked for four years to ensure justice was served for an immigrant family. Alson & Baird called the case “a cornerstone of that court’s jurisprudence relating to the Convention Against Torture.”

Kibler’s primary focus at Baker Donelson is corporate finance and securities. Donating his time and expertise to immigration cases is his way of giving back. He and Briane have volunteered and poured their time into their community for years. Kibler’s father was a minister who did mission work, reached out, built homes and served his community, according to Briane Kibler.

“That was his dad’s example,” she said.

The couple attends St. Francis Episcopal in Norris, where they regularly volunteer with roadside clean-up and baskets for refugee families. Kibler volunteers with Bridge Refugee Services frequently as well, despite a heavy work load at the law firm.

“It’s a faith-based reason,” Nathan Kibler said. “We want to follow what Jesus said when he said, ‘I was a stranger and you welcomed me in.’ We try to live that out in our lives.”