‘Market Night’ in historic downtown Clinton draws hundreds

  • A large crowd converged on downtown Clinton last Friday. There were more vendors than usual, with a variety of items for sale, including jewelry, crafts, clothes and, of course, food. - Crystal Huskey

  • Stephen McNally photobombs his wife, Christina, as she poses for a photo. - Crystal Huskey

  • Brandi and Patrick Cameron own Clinch River Coffee and Tattoo. They organized the art festival. - Crystal Huskey

  • Patricia Grace and Robin Adams came from Clinch River Yarn to sell their yarn and show some skills on their spinning wheels at the art festival just around the corner. - Crystal Huskey

  • Jessica Lockhart, Natalia Dashno and Lauren Williams enjoyed spending time at the festival and selling their handmade jewelry and boutique boots. - Crystal Huskey

  • Former Clinton mayor Cathy Brown takes a break from shopping with Andrea Fritts. - Crystal Huskey

  • Megan Trowbridge sells delicious cupcakes at the art festival with her associate Kathy Bolton. Trowbridge owns Southern Charms Confectionary. . - Crystal Huskey

  • Antonio Leynez is a metal worker that creates beautiful artwork at his forge, Koryo Forge. - Crystal Huskey