Fall ball?

Organizers trying to make it happen

Clinton Baseball has finally given an update about the fall season, but things are still up in the air.

Registration opened on Sept. 14, and parents are asked not to pay registration fees when they register. According to the announcement from Clinton Baseball, officials are waiting to take payment until they’re certain they have enough players for a league. Parents who chose to apply their registration fees from the canceled spring season to fall must still complete a registration form for the fall season.

Evaluations concerning the number of players and the viability of a fall baseball league will take place after 8 p.m. Sept. 20, so it is important that parents complete their registrations before this date so as to give an accurate count to the administrators so they can make a decision about the ultimate fate of the season.

The announcement from Clinton Baseball’s president, Adam Smith, also asked for volunteers for the season, due to the new requirements and tasks that must be completed to comply with COVID-19 guidelines. They have also asked for patience and understanding from the community.

“We’re going to need volunteers and need more people than we normally do because of the extra safety precautions,” he said. “We’re always in need of volunteers, but especially right now, so if anyone’s got the time, it would be great to have all the help we can get.

“Whether we like it or not, everything we are doing, or are going to do to meet the guidelines, is being done to allow us the opportunity to provide baseball to the youth of our community. So, when we do get back to the ballpark, please do the things that are asked and be patient with those that are asking. If you are getting frustrated because something is taking longer than normal, or not being done the same way as before, instead of taking out your frustration on those doing the work, ask what you can do to help.”

Smith also stressed the importance of the Sept. 20 cut-off date.

“One thing that is important for people to know. On Sept. 20, I’m going to look at the registration numbers, so if they’re going to play, I need them to do the paperwork this week, because on the 20th, I’m going to look at the numbers and make the decision about whether or not to push forward and whether or not this is viable.

“We really need to get the word out that we’re going to try to do something for the fall.” he said. “We’re doing everything as safe as we can and trying to give it a shot just to get people back to playing baseball.”

Jason Brown, the director of parks and recreation for the City of Clinton, said that people aren’t understanding all that is going into putting together this league.

“Nobody understands that Anderson is a little different [from] Knox, and the governor’s relinquished some things, but they still have to submit a plan of how they’re going to do everything, clean the bathrooms, do concessions, take temperatures, etc. It’s the same as youth football and everything else. We have volunteers that run our leagues.

“It’s very much in a preliminary stage right now until we get together and talk about the plan,” Brown said. “Very, very preliminary. [They] still have to put a plan together, see how many people are interested, all that.”

Brown said that he and Smith are trying to make sure they have everything together so, if there is a season, it can go smoothly.

“Basically, he’s trying to go by the governor’s ‘Tennessee Pledge for Sports’ and put a plan together to do everything the governor is asking everyone to do.” Brown said of Smith. “He submits it to me, and we go over everything to see if he left anything out.

“We get together with him and decide if it’s possible for him to do it. We’re trying to get some things back to normal, but under the situation, it’s kind of hard.”