Author pledges percentage of book sales to United Way of Anderson County

Local author Steve Dekanich has pledged a percentage of the proceeds from his new book, “Frame of Mind,” to help The United Way of Anderson County achieve its goal of $1 million.

“Frame of Mind” is a semi-autobiographical novel where Dekanich created a character, Joey Slunisky, who contends with many of the issues Dekanich has dealt with.

Steve’s life was wrought with challenges including 19 recurrences of cancer, the loss of his first wife to cancer, a company closing down around him shortly after he left a promising engineering career with another company, open heart surgery, an abscess that covered the left lobe of his liver, a diverticular bleed that resulted in losing 18 inches of his colon, a bowel obstruction, a total knee replacement, torn retinas, a heart pacemaker implant and, just recently, a diagnosis of multiple myeloma.

With God’s help and the support of family and friends, Steve overcame the challenges and moved forward with his life.

“Frame of Mind” and the character, Joey Slunisky were created to provide entertainment and inspiration to help people through their problems, he said.

The novel also talks of a dream that consistently eludes Joey, the dream to come to Oak Ridge.

This brief excerpt from one of the book reviews provides a good overview:

“The thriving human spirit doesn’t say, ‘Why me?’ It says, ‘Why not me, and what does God want me to learn from this and how can I use my circumstances as a testimony to His goodness?’ Job well done Joey!” — Daniel M. Ibach, MD.

If you choose to purchase a book for yourself, loved one or friend please go to and click “Purchase.”

Be sure to type in: United Way of Anderson County in Step 3, Fundraiser Option.

United Way of Anderson County funds more than 33 organizations who serve clients all over the county.

Additional donations are also accepted.