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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to MavAir

ACHS puts up 310 yards’ passing against Jefferson in 48-7 win

  • Anderson County’s Walker Martinez gets a wall of blocking as he rolls out to find a target Friday night against Jefferson County. Martinez accounted for 229 of Anderson County’s 310 passing yards. - Ken Leinart

  • Jefferson County’s best pass defense was ... well, illegal. A wide-open Joshua Godwin Miller gets hauled down before he can grab a Walker Martinez pass Friday night. - Ken Leinart

Air-raid sirens must have been busy Friday night in Dandridge. The Anderson County High School Mavericks were in town and they brought their “A-Game” passing attack.

Anderson County notched another win, beating Jefferson County 48-7 during a non-region game.

The Mavs finished the night with 310 passing yards, completing 15 of 26 passes and averaging seven yards a play.

That stands out in sharp contrast to Jefferson’s 12 yards.

Walker Martinez pulled 229 of those yards across the game, and Stone Hatmaker finished with 81.

The Mavericks started the evening strong, with Daniel Bethel kicking a 32-yard field goal to take the lead in the first quarter.

That was followed two-and-a-half minutes later by a touchdown for the Mavs, carried by Josh Miller.

Jefferson County seemed like it planned to put up more of a fight, though, scoring its own touchdown only 13 seconds later on an 80-yard run.

That would be the only score that Jefferson would get, though, as Anderson County closed out the first quarter with a 60-yard interception return by Russell Lindsay to put the score at 17-7.

The Mavericks went on to score four more touchdowns, three of those received by Josh Miller, and one by Bryson Vowell.

One of those receptions was from a 71-yard pass by backup quarterback Walker Martinez, who has been getting some serious reps in for the Mavericks over the past few games.

On rushing, the Mavericks finished with 81 net yards, with Josh Miller and Gavin Noe carrying for 44 and 38 yards respectively.

Miller led on receptions with six, totaling 167 yards, while behind him, Bryson Vowell made four catches for a total of 47 yards.

Anderson County Head Coach David Gillum said he’s proud of the how the team played.

“Offensively, we played well,” he said. “Martinez threw the ball well, Josh Miller had a huge game with four touchdowns and 40-something yards rushing. I mean, he had a big game.

“He’s had a few of them this year and is really starting to stick out as one of the better players in the area. The O-line protected really well. We had some different starters on O-line, and some miscommunication, but we got it sorted out.

“By the end of the first half, we pretty much had them on the ropes and could do what we wanted.

“Defense played lights-out,” Gillum said. “Gavin Noe, Stone Cummins, Tannger Goins, Russ Lindsay, they all had huge games.

“They probably would have had Jefferson County in the negative for the whole night if it weren’t for that 81-yard run.

“Jacob Brock played really well in the corners, too. I don’t think he allowed a completion. Bethel got back on track hitting a couple of field goals in the first half to keep momentum going, so it was overall a good game. We played well, and Jefferson played well. Really have no complaints.”