We believe in the First Amendment


For this election, there are some things which we know will happen.

The Anderson County Democratic Party decided to display several large Biden/Harris signs in accordance with local laws to show our support for their ticket. As expected, Trump supporters took them away.

One sign in particular had Kamala Harris’ picture cut away. We were not surprised since voter suppression and anti-democratic actions are a hallmark of the Trump administration.

However, it must be noted stealing is illegal, even campaign signs. As the chair of the party, I asked my members not to retaliate, because we believe strongly in the First Amendment right to display campaign signs. Obviously, there are some Trump supporters who do not.

A representative democracy such as ours needs the freedom of political expression just as we need every potential voter to vote for their chosen candidate. The unpatriotic stealing and defacing of campaign signs denies others that freedom and thus is an enemy of our democracy.

We do not support stealing Trump/Pence signs or Biden/Harris signs. Frankly, I am not too sure the Trump campaign in Anderson County feels the same.

We will donate to Moms Demand Action for every sign taken. This supports sensible gun laws while also showing we will not allow these Trump supporters to just prey on us.

Stealing or defacing our signs is then essentially supporting our causes. Yard signs and the larger public signs for both candidates must be kept intact so Anderson County residents/visitors can see how we support our First Amendment rights.

Eric Keller,


Anderson County Democratic Party