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Confusing times, indeed

I don’t think anyone who watched — or read about — what transpired in Washington, D.C., our nation’s capitol, last Wednesday is likely to forget it.

Those events are now a part of our nation’s history.

As the stories unfold during the course of time there will be blame spread, people will go to jail as self-titled “patriots” or traitors, seditionists, rioters, or worse.

But that’s for historians to wrangle with, for courts to decide, not the likes of me.

But I did think there was a certain … stupidity? in the events that took place last Wednesday.

What would have been achieved?

To make the United States of America a “rogue state” to be lumped in with the likes of Libya?

That’s a goal, I think, everyone should try to achieve at least once in their life.

“Look, I tore down a democracy and made it more like some sand-infested hell-hole. I am proud of me.”

And they had to be ‘patriots” because they carried American flags.

So, I guess it’s okay to assault people, steal stuff, break stuff, and cause mayhem in general if you’re carrying an American flag.

And as these “patriots” vandalized our nation’s capitol and stole from our nation’s capitol, they smiled and waved and dressed like they were going to a Minnesota Vikings playoff game. They hooted and hollered and made threats against journalists whose opinions didn’t coincide with their own.

Yes, “patriots” indeed.

All those smiling, look at me and what I can do as long as I’m with a like-minded mob, faces didn’t look so defiant and patriotic in their mugshots.

They looked like scared little rabbits.

Which is what Eric Gaveleck Munchel — a Tennessean no less — was maybe doing (giving him the benefit of the doubt, here) while he was photographed going through our nation’s capitol in tactical gear and carrying restraining devices.

Maybe he was ‘Hunting wabbits!?!?!”

He may have even shouted, “Hasenpfeffer!”

Here’s the problem with all of this — the confusing part to me, anyway — what was the end game?

To overturn an election?

Through violence?

This was not a social get-together where Bibles were read and high-minded ideas were talked over and discussed.

I’m not sure what that was.

But I don’t think it represented America.

At least, I hope it didn’t.

And then the jumpstart to write history — this particular history — took a turn for the confusing.

As “patriots” I thought they’d be proud of their accomplishments. They would hold themselves in high regard and pat themselves on the back numerous times.

Instead, well … Let’s blame Antifa.

Let’s throw out far-fetched theories there were “plants” mixing in with those patriotic peaceful First Amendment and Constitution loving vandals and those “plants” were actually the ones responsible for the destruction and violence.

Because everyone knows rose bushes are thorny sons of …

Sorry, but you can’t really deny stealing something when there’s a picture of yourself doing the actual stealing.

Maybe in Libya ...

Yes, the “patriots” were simply voicing their concerns, wanting the United States of America to be more like Libya, and who doesn’t need a lectern from the capitol to put next to the nightstand in the bedroom?

It’s a feng shui thing.

I didn’t see any “plants.”

I thought I saw a fern in the one of the videos, but I could be mistaken.

Or maybe it was stolen, too.

To be honest, though, I didn’t see anyone toting a potted plant around.

There’s that feng shui thing again.

Plants look awesome sitting next to a lectern in your bedroom.