“Safe at Home” program protects victims’ addresses

“Safe at Home,” the Tennessee Secretary of State’s free statewide address confidentiality program, helps victims of domestic abuse, stalking, human trafficking, rape, sexual battery or any other sexual offense protect themselves by protecting their address.

“Protecting your address is a critical step for Tennesseans of any age or gender who’ve been victims of stalking, human trafficking, domestic abuse or any sexual offense to help protect themselves,” said Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County Victim Advocate Chris Silcox.

“Safe at Home” prevents abusers from locating their victims through public records by providing approved applicants a substitute address that may be used for legal purposes, including registering to vote, obtaining a driver’s license, utilizing

government services

and accessing government assistance programs.

Under current Tennessee law, most state and local government records are available for public review.

These public records, which include identifying information, make it easy for abusers to track and find their victims.

“Our office is proud to partner with the Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County to provide this vital program that helps prevent individuals and families in Anderson County from being victimized again,” said Secretary of State Tre Hargett.

As a “Safe at Home” partner agency, the Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County has certified application assistants to guide participants through enrollment.

To apply to be a Safe at Home participant or for more information about the Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County contact the Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County at 865-463-2740 or via email at voca@comcast.net.

For more information about the Safe at Home program, visit SafeAtHomeTN.com or call 615-253-3043.