Soccer Mavs down Oneida, Berean Christian

Brice Dagenhart stands tall for Anderson County defense

The Anderson County Mavericks soccer team beat Oneida 2-0 on Tuesday, April 27.

Coach Ron Roskelly explained how the team approached the game as it progressed.

“Our midfield controlled the flow of the game, creating 18 shots on goal,” he said.

The Mavericks’ defense, led by Brice Dagenhart, stood tall, limiting Oneida to four shots, which helped Kaleb Wetherington to his third clean sheet of the season.

Colin Moody had a big night scoring off a ball over the top from Ryland Ford, before following up with a header off a corner kick from Muller Gudino.”

The junior varsity team went on to defeat Oneida 3-0 to finish the night strong.

Two goals by Josh Valero gave AC the lead.

Foster Madron rounded out the scoring with a kick to the corner.

The defense again limited shooting opportunities, and Tyler White got his first clean sheet in his first appearance as a keeper for Anderson County.

Following that game, Anderson County faced Berean Christian on Saturday, winning 2-1 after Muller Gudino found the net in the first half, giving the Mavericks an early lead.

In the second half, Brice Dagenhart found the goal in the last two minutes with a 50-yard bomb that glanced off the keeper’s hands into the corner of the net, putting the Mavericks at a 7-2 record for regular season play.