It all comes down to dollars — and power


In his 1992 book “Earth in the Balance,” Al Gore predicted that Miami and New York City would both be “underwater” by the year 2000 if the American people did not send a sizable percentage of their wealth to the UN and the Swamp.

Ol’ Al whiffed on that prediction pretty badly — as he got rich in the process (estimated at $330 million for 2020, Money, Inc.).

Years ago,when Global Warming was debunked as a fraud, the “progressives” simply pulled out the “Climate Change” card as a replacement. It works better anyway since rain, sunshine, wind, snow, sleet or partly cloudy can all now be attributed to a “climate change catastrophe” in the making.

At some point, whether one believes in man-made climate change comes down to credibility.

In my opinion, Al Gore, Harry Shatz and the UN have none. Zero. Zip. Nada.

Since Al Gore’s Learjet has a “carbon footprint” the size of Clinton’s population; and his mansions have a “carbon footprint” the size of Norris; and his houseboat has a “carbon footprint” the size of Rocky Top; I take exception to Al and Harry telling me that I have to give up my hamburger and pay $9 for gas and send the UN half of my net worth in order to repel “climate change.”

Apparently, Al and Harry believe we all fell off the turnip truck. I, however, know an opportunist when I see one.

Mr. Shatz stated that “Mr. Foust will not produce climate data.” Well, I just produced 330 million data points (also known as dollars) to Mr. Shatz and I haven’t even started on the UN. It all comes down to dollars — and power.

Again, when the UN excluded China from CO2 emissions regulations as they attempted to strangle the American economy and drastically lower the standard of living for the American people, the UN and the Swamp’s objectives became clear: wealth redistribution and perpetual control. It is all out of Mr. Shatz’s playbook: the Communist Manifesto. Mr. Shatz should know that China’s change in CO2 emissions since 1992 is +270.3-percent. America’s change in CO2 emissions since 1992 is +1.8-percent (source: USA TODAY).

Moreover, China’s CO2 emissions is approximately twice the rate of the U.S. — and the U.N. gives China a “free pass” as U.S. businesses, consumers and taxpayers are asked to commit economic suicide and fall on the sword. Mr. Shatz and other “progressives” are on the wrong side of history — and the wrong side of common sense.

As a native of Lake City who was educated at Lake City, LMU and UTK, I may lack the credentials of one who attended Brooklyn Law School; however, I am proud of my sales and management experience.

Our economy would come to a screeching halt if all we had was ambulance chasers who keep “Rules for Radicals” in their back pocket. I didn’t realize that I had to chase ambulances or attend Brooklyn Law School in order to have an opinion or write a book. Excuse me! And Mr. Shatz, my books may not be War and Peace, but at least I have a book.

Samuel T. Foust