Matt Adams will vie for 3rd Congressional District

Democrat Matt Adams officially announced his campaign on Saturday, July 31, to represent Tennessee’s third congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives, a release from his campaign stated.

The event was held at Calhoun Elementary, where Adams attended grade school, in Calhoun.

In the release from his campaign, Adams was “clear” that he believes “every generation of Americans has a solemn obligation to leave the nation better than we found it and we have a moral imperative to ensure we are not leaving the same issues we inherited for the next generation.”

This is a sentiment to the amount of service Adams has given to the public and the kind of work ethic he will bring to Congress, the release said.

The first announcement of the campaign came on May 28, on social media. Since then, the release said, Adams has been communicating with community leaders and voters wherever he can to best understand the needs and wants of his district so he can best represent the people he hopes will elect him to office.

Now, after the announcement, Adams and the campaign team are ready to get to work by spreading the honest truth about where we stand as Americans and as a nation, and what we need to do to move forward, together, the release said.

The release also stated: “To sum up the path needed to move forward and to highlight the successes of Tennessee’s third congressional district in clean energy, Adams believes ‘wide-scale renewable energy is an issue that must be addressed by Congress. … We need action not only to ensure a clean environment but also training for job transitions to new jobs that will come out of the infrastructure. There must be renewed investment in trade schools and technical training so we know we have a well-prepared, well-trained workforce to jump-start this next phase of the 21st century.’ “Adams understands the hard work that is required to win this election,” the release continued, “but he believes that his time, hard work, and sacrifice is the least he can do to make sure the people, communities, and nation he loves is taken care of. He will put in the work to make sure we have a representative that will work hard for all of us. His time working in public service in Tennessee and the Army has shown his commitment to his community and nation.

“When we set our differences aside and work for one another there is nothing we have not been able to accomplish as a people,” he said. “We must declare not only to the world but to one another, to our neighbors in Chattanooga, Oak Ridge, Athens, and Delano that we are prepared today, tomorrow, and every day to continue moving forward, together.”