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People are people

A Simple Message

For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, for the same Lord over all is rich to all who call upon Him.

Romans: 10:12

Good day to you, dear reader.

My wife and I have recently returned from a cross-country road trip. As we traversed state lines, we were witness to the gradual transition of heartland mountains to endless grassy plains to golden deserts painted all manner of color by the morning sun.

Words truly cannot describe just how vast the difference in landscape is from one side of this great country to the other. I was often left in awe of just how artistic God truly is, creating such diversity for us to enjoy.

While the stark contrast in land is undeniable, the true surprise was witnessing the difference in people; that is to say, not much. That observation reminded me of some wise words once shared to me.

Talking to someone who had traveled to many different places, I asked what differences they noticed in the people. The answer was: “People are people, no matter where you go. People are people.”

This is a truth, far too often overlooked. We seem to live in a society that thrives on divisions. Our social media platforms seeking to segregate us behind walls of carefully curated content, herding us into groups deemed “like-minded” while attempting to sell us something.

Politicians stoke the flames of unrest by convincing us that all of society’s problems are the fault of the “other.”

Even our own worship of Christ is being neatly shelved in labeled boxes of denomination, often preventing Christ’s body from working together as a whole. Our society is all too keen to create arbitrary distinctions, encouraging us that our neighbor is not worthy of our time, or our love.

God clearly doesn’t see it that way. We are told that God’s richness of love is so vast that salvation through Jesus Christ is a gift given to everyone, without distinction.

God does not ask what denomination you belong to, what political party you vote for, nor even the color of your skin. God simply asks if you’re willing to accept His love and give some love to others along the way. We opened this column celebrating the diversity God employed in making this country.

Let’s close on a similar note, by celebrating that while God has created all of us with vastly different tastes, opinions, and appearances, in the end people are people. God loves us all, and we should love each other.