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It takes a special type of person


It takes a special kind of person to argue with the wisdom and words of Benjamin Franklin.

We have a lot of those “special” people in Anderson County who opt to chant CNN and DNC talking points.

Like it or not, we have a republic. The founders knew that the structure of a republic would negate mob rule, which would be a foregone conclusion with a democracy.

This is why many Democrats nationwide (and locally) want to twist our republic into a democracy today. Of course, the “mob rule” of their liking will always be referred to as “peaceful protest.”

If it is not to their liking, it will be referred to as an “insurrection” and the writ of habeas corpus will disappear entirely. It is called tyranny, and we are there today as a result of a compromised and corrupt justice system (FBI, DOJ and IRS). In essence, it is mob rule via corruption, and it is steered by the Biden administration.

Too often, when Democrats do not have history or facts on their side, they resort to name-calling such as “anti-semitic” and “bigoted” and “racist.” Ms. Livingston should know that I have Jewish friends and family.

I detest George Soros because he is a menace to society, and actively funds (to Democrat causes) the destruction of our country through the destruction of law and order. If you don’t believe it, check out the carnage in (Democrat strongholds) Chicago, Portland, New York and San Francisco, as they sink into the liberal abyss.

Name-calling is the weapon of the intellectually challenged. For accuracy, I don’t care if George Soros is a Martian or a Jew. He’s simply a menace to society.

Author Robert A. Heinlein wrote (about Democracy) in his book “Stranger In a Strange Land”:

“Its worst fault is that its leaders reflect their constituents: low level, but what can you expect?” With the compromised and traitorous miscreant in the White House peddling socialism and division, eggs have tripled in cost and gas has doubled. The economy is in shambles.

The world is on fire from Russia to Ukraine and on to China, and one cannot walk down the street at night without risking one’s life. Our kids are being taught in school that they are either a victim or a victimizer based on their skin color. Alas, we traded four years of peace and prosperity for an endless dumpster fire called ultra-liberalism. As a result, Democrats say “look over there” and “Republicans are a threat to democracy.” It’s called a smokescreen. Apparently, you will grab for anything when you possess nothing.

Local Democrats (who engage in name-calling) should know that their mean-spirited usage of slurs and labels such as “bigoted” and “anti-semitic” will not go unanswered. With Soros’ puppet “Big Guy” squatting in the Oval Office with his sippy cup and 10% commissions, I can be intellectually challenged, too.

Samuel T. Foust